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Childrens Railways, sometimes known as "Pioneer Railways", were first created in the Soviet Union in 1932. They are narrow gauge lines with heritage locomotives, coaches and stations. Children in the age of 9-15 years old can work on the railway as locomotive drivers, conductors and so on. During the summer months, supervised by experienced professionals, they can drive trains, take care of the coaches and transport passengers.

The children study the basic principles of railway functioning and develop their skills in the operation of a railway, so that in the summer they can demonstrate their abilities and achievements.

Children railway lines run for several kilometres and do not adjoin the main railway line of the given country. Usually such railways are used not for public transportation, but as attractions and travelling along parks and tourist areas.

In addition to learning how to respect authority, take personal responsibility and work as part of a team, many of the young participants later choose to join the railway industry.

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Current locations

Russia : Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) Childrens Railway

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Ukraine : Donetsk Pioneer Railway

Donetsk Pioneer Railway
Donetsk Pioneer Railway

Donetsk Pioneer Railway
(Photo by Donetsk Pioneer Railway)

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Ukraine : Lviv Childrens Railway

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Ukraine : Kiev Childrens Railway

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Ukraine : Uzhgorod Childrens Railway

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Georgia : Tbilisi Children's Railway

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