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This page details some of the countries, outside of the NERHT remit, which nonetheless have various locations with locomotives, rolling stock or other items that may be of interest that were acquired through a process of import or export. Current (June, 2024) locations are given where known.

Note that a number of locomotives were removed from Germany at the end of WWII, as reparations, and went to various countries in consequence.


The Tashkent Railway Museum

The collection has a great many locomotives with representatives from classes P36, LV, Ov, FD and a Kch4

It was described in the EasternStar026 edition of June, 2007.

They have a website at Tashkent Railway Museum


The Mongolian Rail Museum at Ulan Bator, Dund Gol station

The collection includes representatives from classes P36, SU208, and 159.


From Russia : Class P36 (Mukran Railroad Museum)

United Kingdom

The publication "Preserved Locomotives of British Railways" Platform 5, gives a list of steam locomotives preserved in Great Britain.

From the USA : Several of the class S160. Many such were exported to the USSR as part of the Lend-Lease operation, where they were classified as the ShU class.
(Keighley & Worth Valley, Churnet Valley, Dartmouth Steam)

From Poland : Classes Tkh Ferrum (Churnet Valley, Swindon & Cricklade, Avon Valley, Plym Valley), TkH Slask (Nene Valley)
From Poland : Lyd2 diesels (Welsh Highland Heritage Railway)

From Yugoslavia : Class 62, a copy of the USATC "Class USA" as denoted by British Railways. (locations unknown)

From Norway : Class 52 (Kriegslok) (Bressingham Live Steam Museum)

United States

A number of 2-10-0 locomotives were meant to be sent to Russia in 1917, but all did not get there due to the Bolshevik Revolution. They were subsequently known as "Russian".

Six of the "Russians" still exist in various museums of the USA, four in Russia and one in Belarus.

See Eastern Star091 (September, 2023) for the history and locations of these locomotives.

The Cook Islands

Located off the coast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, at Rarotonga there is a class Px48, #1741.

It was described in the EasternStar04 edition of January, 2001.