General information

The Class "City" is a 4-4-0 passenger locomotive. They were named after various cities served by the then Great Western Railway (GWR). This particular locomotive is one of the those credited with being the first to reach 100 mph. It carries the name "City of Truro".

A very old design of locomotive it has a double frame, inside motion, slide valves, Stephenson valve gear, hydrostatic lubricators and no rocking grate or hopper ashpan.

It has two cylinders and is fitted with steam brakes for the locomotive and vacuum brakes for the train.


Locomotive details


Class Details

Item Value   Item Value
Wheels4-4-0 Introduced1903
TrafficPassenger SuperheatedYes
Boiler pressure200 psi Driving wheels6' 8.5"
Piston diameter18" Piston stroke26"
Valve gearStephenson Valve typeSlide
CylindersTwo inside Tractive effort17,800 lb.
Loco weight55 tons 6 cwt Loco tender36 tons 15 cwt
Loco brakeSteam Driving positionRight side