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The Roundhouse, an Engineman’s home from home.

Based on a series of classes presented by the Author some years ago, the site is presented in good faith and aims to be correct, coherent and complete in the covered content. It does not claim to be error free and is not intended to be the one, definitive and all embracing last word on railway operation. All it can do is to present a generic case illustrated by a number of examples. It consists of a number of Manuals, divided up so that each document is of a reasonable size. which the reader is free to download, subject to the concerns of the Copyright and Disclaimer pages. It also has a number of Animations, that may be of interest.

Note that this site is a privately generated affair and is not affiliated with any given railway preservation scheme. The site is about “education”, which is general by nature, whereas “training” is specific and beyond its present remit.

Developed in the tradition of the Mutual Improvement Class (MIC), with its focus on locomotives, the content has been extended to include operational aspects of other railway activities.

Comments or questions may be sent to info@mic-railway-org.co.uk

(Note that although largely focussed on UK operations there is also much of interest to North American readers.)